Spend 30 seconds and save 3000000 seconds!

Do you know about abilities of an 8 kilobyte script?

You can give color to all of the tags with only just an 8 character command and without using CSS.

You can set the opacity of texts and backgrounds.

You can set the opacity of background image, without decreasing opacity of the contents inside.

Even you can define a hover for every element!

Installation and using of this script is so easy, Click on the following button for the tutorial and you can test this script at the end of this page.

16000000 colors
colorclass - save bandwidth

Browsers generate code

With CCHTML (ColorClass) your script will be more lightweight. Styles will make with the user system.
colorclass - save time

Write less code

Sometimes it's possible to do a 10 line CSS code with only just 3 characters. Do you know with which ones?
colorclass - speciality

This is with yourself

This script is enough strange that certainly you will discover things that even we do not know!
Rapid Test Panel here is result of test.

change background color:

change text color:

change background opacity:

change text opacity:

change image filter:

b%05 b%1 b%15 b%2 b%25 b%3 b%35 b%4 b%45 b%5
b%55 b%6 b%65 b%7 b%75 b%8 b%85 b%9 b%95 b%100