A modern responsive kit for all of your life

About WiCard

WiCard is a smart and complex electronical module with simple usage which is able to control any kind of electrical devices via internet.
With adding WiCard to your electrical device or electronical produce, you will be able to control your device from every where of the world via your cell phone, tablet or PC. This module is suitable for smart houses and devices.
Learning of how to use WiCard does not take a lot of your time, and all you need is a simple skill and knowledge of electronics.
The WiCard smart module has a lot of input and output pins, so it's able to control many of different electrical and or electronical devices even it is posible to use one WiCard smart module for some devices.
You can connect sensors to the module and turn your devices on or off and even it is possible to dim your lights with PWM of this module.


A modern responsive kit for all of your life

Do you know the WiCard usages?


Electronic engineers

The WiCard smart module is very suitable for engineers. This module works like a microcontroller while it doesn't need a programmer!



Smart house

The WiCard smart module is able to control any kind of electrical devices, but it needs a special driver for the electrical device. The drivers of smart houses for this module usually are very cheep and even very simple to design.




If you are a manufacturer of life's goods or even if you are manufacturer of an industrial device, you can make your products smart or more smarter with adding WiCard smart module to your product.